City Life vs Rural Life

After hundreds of thousands of years, mankind finally has it easy. No predators except ourselves and no threats but rarely from the weather. If you find yourself living on a large spacious piece of land, you’re living in luxury. If you find yourself living in the city, you’re making a big sacrifice so those who City Life vs Rural Life

Phases of Colonization

When we first set foot on the Americas, we didn’t colonize it instantly. It took hundreds of years to develop governments. Doing so on another planet needs to happen in phases: Exploration, Terraforming, and then Colonization.


The best way for Earth to survive the expansion of the sun is to create powerful supermagnets to hold it back. Coincidentally, this technology could be used to terraform mars by properly making use of the supermagnets to induce magma convection currents resulting in a magnetic field for the planet as well as volcanic activity. Magnetoplasmadynamics