The world needs more regional leaders and more local leaders at the same time. If we want to solve mass shootings, we need more leadership period. If we made it possible for each continent to have their own leaders and structure of government, outside of their traditional sovereign borders, we could solve seemingly impossible issues.

This is a step down from one world government, but a step in the right direction. At the same time we expand on global leadership, we expand on local leadership, making individual states and even counties or cities into nations of their own right – depending on population, regional requirements, etc…

The future will have more countries, it’s inevitable. Within humanity’s instinct is the desire to rule, conquer, have power over our surroundings. A long time ago those who desire this power were more in proportion to the total population. But as time has gone on, our population exploded and the proportions are now completely lacking. This is part of the reason our country has so many mass shootings. People need more representation, more diversity in politics, more leaders who inspire.

A king doesn’t pillage their own village, just like a gangster doesn’t shoot up their own territory. With more presidents, more governors, more mayors and aldermen, we can dilute gang violence, treat deranged lone wolves, and create societies where guns simply don’t exist – within our own borders.

What good is diversity if we are only diverse at the racial level within society? We need societal diversity as well. More societies and more borders.


The only way to know if we are in a physically simulated world is to try to break physics.

Assuming who ever designed the simulation, wanted to hide their existence, they could simply turn off physics breaking. Just because we don’t see ghosts now, doesn’t mean they didn’t once exist and the simulation stopped allowing it once we discovered technology that would document their existence so easily.