Solar Cycle 25 Begins

Anyone who keeps track of the solar cycle knows solar cycle 25 is here. How bad it will be remains to be seen. The threat of a solar flare seems to be ignored by mainstream media. Especially ignored by Elon Musk – someone who consistently talks about pending doom scenarios in which humanity needs to be multi-planetary in order to prepare for.

Why would Elon ignore talking about the solar cycle? Because Tesla, SpaceX, and Starlink. He has no plan for a solar flare – something which could easily strike twice, or strike largely enough to knock out life on a future colonized Mars and Earth at the same time.

What happens to the Cyber Truck(a truck he has said is designed for the apocalypse), and all of Teslas vehicles if the grid is knocked out? The gasoline vehicle is the true apocalypse vehicle – electric vehicles are merely first world luxury. (no disrespect to the benefits to the environment they have)

The truth is that Elon has not prepared for a massive solar cycle. The only hope he has is that OpenAI can crunch the small amount of data we have on the sun and create a model that can somehow predict solar flares and their intensity. The task would be daunting, given how unpredictable simulations are with even just weather on Earth – something we know lots more about.

And then there’s the kicker – the idea that extraterrestrial forces, or even supernatural forces are at play behind the timing of the solar cycle. Why is it 11 years? If we survive solar cycle 25, humanity is destined towards greatness. But that’s a huge IF, and something Elon hasn’t even covered. He wants to replace gasoline cars, postpone the singularity for fear of AI overthrowing humanity, spread out and colonize Mars, which are all great goals for humanity. But the threat looming over us in the coming decade from the sun is great. We haven’t had large scale X-Class Carrington events for nearly 100 years, and it’s only a matter of time until the next one faces us. The chances of another Carrington type event happening in solar cycle 25 seem to be 50/50, but that’s only because we have no idea what causes them.

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