Starlink and the future of astronomy

Critics are quick to point out the many problems astronomers will have with starlink(and already do have): mostly that it blocks out light from other celestial bodies. Well if we care about that, we’d turn the lights off at night because 90% of people cannot even see the Milky Way. Humans have been witness to the stars at night for hundreds of thousands of years. To shut it off so suddenly is cruel and damaging to society.
If we are to shut down a pioneer internet provider for polluting the skies when cities everywhere already block out the majority of the light, then we’re wrong. The action needs to start with coordination on the nations grids. – Shutting down power to non-essential services from sunset to sunrise. Since the pandemic, we now know more about what is essential and non-essential, so we’re one step ahead.
This is where Tesla is also – oddly – positioned to help. Because people will need to generate their own power if the utilities are shut down at night. I’m not talking about outlawing energy use at night, just prioritizing it at night.

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