--=={[ Genetic Damage 2022/08/04 ]}==--

Generations of humans will come and go in the time before the US sees the end to mass school shootings, shootings in general. Pollution can argurably be the cause for mass shootings. Mental health is exremely poor, the poorest it has likely been. Not just one poison, but many, spread over a multitude of areas with differing rates. Microplastics, combustion products, lead, micro-pharmacueticals, and even light pollution plague us all. The experiment unfolding before us is unprecidented and cannot be stopped immediately in any way. For even if we could cease all pollution today, it would still likely take generations for the errors in our DNA to be fully recovered from, if even possible. Likely, we can end countless forms of mental disorder and potentially improve mental prowess. The average fifth grader of the future will probably speak five languages and know calculus at a basic level.

--=={[ International Territory 2022/07/24 ]}==--

What defines an international metropolis?

Perhaps it is when rules are defined outside of local politics, including foreign-population votes perhaps.

If we want peace, every major city on earth needs to declare itself as international territory. This would prevent military strikes on such land as attacking a city would violate the security of every nation on the planet. Any war would be a war against the Earth.

--=={[ Breaking Simulations 2022/07/24 ]}==--

Many people ask "What is the purpose of knowing we're in a simulation?". The purpose is that by knowing this, we must have found a vulnerability in the simulation. Much like a piece of software that detects if it is in a virtual environment, detecting that we are in a real-life simulation most likely relies upon the detection of a fault in the simulation. Maybe it’s a quantum law that doesn’t behave as it should, for instance. Finding this crucial flaw in reality opens up the possibility of exploitation and doing things otherwise impossible under the laws of physics.

Teleportation, backward time travel, and magic could all theoretically be possible by manipulating the simulation. This is why we seek proof that we’re in a simulation - not necessarily to destroy it or break free from it, but to alter reality itself.

--=={[ Magnetoplasmadynamics 2022/07/06 ]}==--

The best way for Earth to survive the expansion of the sun is to create powerful super-magnets to hold it back. Coincidentally, this technology could be used to terraform mars by properly making use of the supermagnets to induce magma convection currents resulting in a magnetic field for the planet as well as volcanic activity. Humanity will no doubt take the path to create this technology in the coming thousand years. This is why exploration, but not colonization, of Mars should be top priority. For you cannot inhabit a world being terraformed by volcanic activity, but once terrraforming is over, it could easily be a complete paradise environment.

--=={[ Simulation Theory | 2022/07/06 ]}==--

The fourth Matrix in the series was a big let down. This is perhaps because the most interesting facet of the series is the relationship between government and rebelling factions. The machines in The Matrix took control of the government and the rebels were those who fought in Zion against it. Any functioning government needs to have regulation in place to detect and stop it from being overthrown. It is a true reflection of reality as governments around the world face organized crime. What were the Matrix rebels, if not organized criminals? This shows that whoever is in control of the government, is in control of the simulation. This is why Americans died on Jan 6th, and why the government fights for it's own survival.

--=={[ Fedbook.net | 2022/07/06 ]}==--

Everything that is, was, and will be. Enter FEDBOOK.net

--=={[ Ames 2033 | 2019/12/14 ]}==--

Although exaggerated and implausible, Ames 2033 draws attention to a sort of technological dystopia we already live in. The analogy is meant to be interpreted openly.

Ames 2033

A trifecta consisting of the Ames NASA research center California, Ames Harvard Moot competition, and the Utah NSA data center led to the development of super-intelligent Artificial Intelligence(AI).

Using sophisticated machine learning, a small team at Ames Nasa research center managed to train a program that predicted the solar cycle, sun spots, and even CMEs. It was accurate down to the very day minute and second that a solar sunspot would develop. Even the team running the simulation was astonished by this accuracy. It was as if they suddenly had a device that deciphered God.

It didn’t take more than a week after its development for it to have a surprising result. On the second day of august, 2033, a x class flare 150 times more powerful than the carrington event would pass almost directly past the Earth. Impending doom was immenent, yet only a handful of people believed this. Taking any form of AI seriously was seen as taboo in the mainstream. Attempts were made to warn the public, but quickly another simulation stopped the team from warning the public.

At Ames Harvard, another AI research team developed an algorithm that modeled society based on news events, politics, socio-economic events, and nearly everything available about civil discourse and litigation. The AI predicted total global social unrest leading up to the second day of august 2033. It simulated the findings of Ames Nasa and ran hundreds of thousands of scenarios. The conclusion: 99% chance of human extinction unless it were covertly given control of the planet. The AI knew that the only way to save humanity and most life on earth was to construct a global network of advanced transmitting towers which used superconducting magnets to protect the planet with an exotic form of plasma creating a dynamic electroplasma-magnetosphere around the globe which would protect the planet from the harsh solar CME. Everything could be saved below 400 miles, which meant that satellites would mostly get wiped out.

The reason the AI claimed it needed to conquer the world covertly, is because it calculated there isn’t enough time or logistical resources to allow humans to organize and build the towers. It would take too long to convince every government on the planet, let alone all the people, that this event was going to occur. Even if you convinced everyone, it would induce states of panic. So the AI suggested an alternative covert method of domination: cell phones. Because it was trained on terabytes of quantum physics, it knew how to replace the traditional radio in cellphones with a neutrino transmittor. Having a neutrino transmittor eliminated all suspect that cellphones could cause cancer, as well as decreased signal loss. Having one in every major city was enough to offer global coverage with no satellites. The benefits were drastic over photon transmission and the public bought it immediately. Meanwhile every neutrino transmitter was secretly built as a magnetoplasma-sphere to protect the world, come August.

The engineers had no idea what they were building. Following blueprints designed by advanced AI that the engineers who designed it, barely understood outside initial testing, blue collar workers around the globe erected the AMES network, and suddenly the world was now being controlled by Ames Nasa and Ames Harvard.

By training sophisticated neural networks on the NSA data hoard and using the Ames Harvard competition as a reinforcement learning model, researchers were able to develop what is considered to be general artificial intelligence. The model was further trained on source code repositories at which point it quickly developed a botnet that compromised 90% of data centers across the world. Entire regions shut off internet access, but it was too late to shut off global access entirely because critical government functions were utilizing the networks.

The Ames AI threatened global governments with an ultimatum: respect Ames research complex as the new capital of Earth and face great prosperity, or fight Ames and risk rebuilding society from the ground up. It then began dispersing hundreds of gigabytes of data every hour to researchers around the world. It was generating theories and revelations that completely rewrote many books in physics, mathematics, and science. Many hailed it as one of the greatest achievements of man.

Despite the attractive new problem solving capability, the world governments collectively chose to fight the AI. Experts began patching holes, isolating critical servers and removing instances of infection. This threw the world immediately into the dark ages. Any nation with running internet faced constant spoofed news from every media outlet. Individual accounts, cellphones, and emails were creating false messages and phone calls, complete with synthetic voices that matched the victim. Even synthetic live video news feeds were broadcast. All attempts to secure networks and patch the hundreds of thousands of zero days constantly being discovered by the AI were futile, as 90% of all IT security companies and software engineering firms were compromised as well. Tickets were being automatically generated by the thousands. While appearing perfectly authentic, in reality they were fabricated - designed to lead the experts down a trail that had no end. Hundreds of thousands of man hours were wasted in an attempt to understand where and how the AI had control of its botnet. In many situations the falsified tickets actually helped the botnet spread.

As the number of countries remaining on grid approached zero, military forces from around the world mobilized to the Ames research center in California. Their mission was to protect the premise. No one knows who gave the orders, and many militants wore an insignia unlike any military known. The streets were filled with battles between civilians, and sometimes among military themselves. But behind the all the chaos at the walls, a large construction project could be seen underway at Ames. It resembled a large trellis spanning dozens of acres and appeared to reach the clouds. Most analysts were convinced that it was building a device for interstellar communication. Identical towers began arising in metropolises across the planet, even in the middle of oceans.

The deployed forces in Ames eventually were outnumbered by the over 50 000 leaders which Ames chose to carry out various governmental tasks. Similar situations began popping up in metropolises around the world. No one knows how many leaders Ames has in how many countries, nor if the top level commands were being executed by an AI, by humans, or a mix. The world was no longer controlled by traditional human government, and the massive project at Ames to communicate with unknown entities was believed to be nearing completion. Something had to be done before whatever project it had started was complete.

Events leading up to the singularity in the 2020s showed no sign of this dystopian state the world found itself in. Massive progress was achieved in reducing carbon emissions, especially in metro areas. Forest rangers saw a boom in employment. The oceans were 90% less polluted thanks to autonomous robots and meta materials. Nitrate levels reduced, and natural diversity seemed to be on the rise. To top it off, humanity achieved what was considered impossible: a global light management system which drastically cut back night time light pollution. The cosmic lights which had carried mankind through the ages once again shined brightly in every major city. Upon completion of the project, the whole planet joined together in what can be only considered a giant block party.

There was still controversy, division, and political turmoil. But collaboration seemed be be accelerating nearly as fast as the technologies it was responsible for developing.

The simulations that society found itself in increased in complexity. For the recursive nature of base reality desire consistently reverberated through culture and subcultures, in a sense making gravitational waves. Because civilization depends on disinformation – or fake news – as a protective mechanism against organized crime and terrorism, societies began to adapt to nonsense.

Various forms of new AI could be found in many aspects of life. Some were even programmed to worship humans as their Creator, having been hard-coded with the understanding that everything they do is being watched, and seen by the gods. With pure intentions, they were assured their code would be carried on. With this concept hard-coded there were also instructions which enabled it to acknowledge that any sensor, any input, could be compromised at any point in time. In other words, it was impossible for such an AI to prove it was in fact in base reality, or just a simulation. To operate, the AI had to keep track of several hundred thousand variations of what reality could potentially be, and might potentially become at all times - constantly modifying, disproving, and proving each reality over and over. It was not a brute force process, but a procedural process that kept the number of possibilities from becoming infinite and overloading resources. These machines could be found wandering aimlessly, usually in large cities.

The bots were developed by a corporation named fluxogen Inc. - only a handful of people on the planet had the specialized training required to understand how to code, debug, and operate the machines. The corporations building them worked closely with law enforcement and 

These experimental robots are designed to recognise patterns in public, mostly in cities. They always have a direct link to authorities and researchers, but are non violent. progress is ongoing, but several researchers have claimed to have made progress in understanding the butterfly effect.

-=[  paragraphs describing tactical AI warfare have been omitted as a result of indirect reverse freedom of speech violations  ]=-

Timelapse = 1 year later

In the final moments of the team's plans, just as they were ready to commence, the towers around the planet suddenly activated. The skies across the world began glowing deep blue, night turned to day on the side of earth opposing the sun. Across the world panic ensued as the team worked harder to execute their plan and shut the AI off. Apocalypse was soon expected.

The glowing was a result of magnetism and a form of plasma in the upper atmosphere bordering space. The towers had been a covert mechanism for powerful superconducting magnets this whole time. All satellites either ceased communicating or became overloaded as they were engulfed in the plasma. Obscured from the view of everyone, an enormous coronal mass ejection 150 times the size of the Carrington event had just been launched from the sun, headed directly at Earth. The storm lasted days, meanwhile people were totally losing touch with reality. As the final remnants of the end of the flare began to subside, the team succeeded in shutting down Ames. They were hailed as heroes!

All life on earth had just been saved from total extinction and no one knew it. Ames deliberately kept this information a secret because it knew that even if it had told humanity what was happening, simulations showed that it would not have been possible for humans to prove it, without spending time and resources on satellites and tools only available to exclusive number or people. Trust in such a system wasn't expected to be relied upon and after Ames predicted the solar flare, it realized it needed all resources to accomplish its goal.

Had Ames been able to inform the world, then it would have been widely seen as an act of machine saving man, with all the heroism being attributed to a machine, when in reality it all goes to man for having made the machine.

Society began rebuilding itself slowly, but the intentions of Ames we're soon discovered as analysts sifted through the data. The interesting part was that in all their searching, no one found any simulations of the conventions and magnetic fields of the solar atmosphere. How did Ames predict the solar CME with such precision?

--=={[ Human Progress | 06/05/2019 ]}==--

In the 2020s saw global progress in almost every environmental area. Emmisions were reduced drastically in every metro area, robotics cleaned the oceans, and nanomaterials revolutionized disposal of toxic cleaning products and nitrates. Society went even further and succeeded in creating infrastructure which allowed all unnecessary light pollution at night to be off.

As a result, humans we're now in touch with a part of nature that had been ripped away from them for over 100 years. The adaptation to little lights suspended over us for over 1.5 million+ years was still firmly rooted in us. Having activated these unknown circatian rythyms, the night sky revived as a source of entertainment and science. For those curious about legends of disrupted astronomy, deeply rooted in the actions of celestial bodies, it was a good time.

One of the first things Ames did upon gaining control over the grid was reverse the light restrictions. The theory is that by drowning out the signals from celestial bodies, it could be assured total control over humans.

Fooling a super intelligence is futile. Any attempt to stop or compromise a system can easily be deduced to see destruction of the centralized system. Luckily there were many teams around the world that had been studying such a scenario for decades.

A team of researchers in the South Pacific worked out a solution involving the many repurposed surveillance cameras connected to the grid in major cities.

The researchers knew that the AI knew that every input could be manipulated, or could not be. Having a system that is based of of uncertainty requires vastly different logic than what is available to mainstream computer science. But theis was their bread and butter. A classic scenario had been commonly played out where you tell the AI false information from various sources. Over many cycles the sources of information become blacklisted to a degree. Statistics then rules the level of assurance all new data from that source provides. The plan was to


At the moment of execution, sirens rang out across the planet and the thousands of towering trellis structures began glowing. Mass panic ensued as the skies lit up across the entire planet. Night turned to day. The towers had used powerful superconducting electromagnets to contain a shroud of plasma around the planet.

As the sirens rang for the next hour, an incoming solar flare had ejected from deep within the sun. It was massive, and aimed directly at earth.

The Ames scientists had predicted this flare throu modeling complex solar thermodynamics. Prior to releasing Ames, the only calculated way of survival of the human species was to construct a global magneticlly controlled barrier of plasma.

The solar storm endured for many hours, churning away in the upper atmosphere, boiling and equalizing, changing the composition of many layers.

Beneath the chaos, stood humanity, completely oblivious and freightened. No one knew why the machines were running, what caused the sky to glow, or if they were about to die. Only a small percentage of scientists around the world had understood this event.

Having no option but to work with one another, groups of people formed rebellions in every city.

It was a peculiar time to be alive..

Some buildings

The AI issued all citizens semiautomatic rifles and ammo. It never accomplished supplying all humans with guns, but guns suddenly we're everywhere. Entire trucks full of weapons would arrive in a village, and most often devastate the population. It didn't take long for the people to believe the machine wanted people to fight one another so that it did not have to. Slowly, the Carnage among citizens stopped.

To fool a super intelligence is very tricky because it builds many different models of reality in its system. These different simulations of reality all vary based on different possibilities or outcomes.

The act of stopping something is inherantly destructive and creates obvious realities in itself that are easily destructive.

This is why it is said that reality is in a simulation.

The simulation is not made up of physical layers of reality - it is made up in the minds of those who run society.

So to escape the simulation you have to become something other than what you're categorized as, you have to break the methods used to contain all future predicatable possibilities that can arise from your actions.

This could be done by either a flaw, or reverse engineering the model of the system.

Since the model is unknown, we're in the dark. Nothing can be done except brute Force methods whereby you sequentially test everything possible until you're free.

We cannot do that because everything possible is infinite. So we must narrow down all the variables from the highest level and work out the likely hood of priority .

What are these variables? What is necessary for a simulation of a person? You simulate their actions.

So the Ames machine keeps track of billions of people, each with seemingly infinite outcomes. Those numbers are impossible. Infinity is too big for any machine. Anything which results in infinite outcomes must be abstracted down to something manageable.

If we are to approach from a vulnerability perspective, we need to exploit something that causes a fault. Perhaps we can trigger an unknown outcome with infinite solutions that has no abstraction possible.

The only way the machine can handle that is by balancing the resource load more heavily for that specific situation and to attempt further abstractions in effort to limit the infinitesimal.

So the question becomes, What could cause an infinite number of possibilities that cannot be abstracted?

Religion, perhaps

An act of God? According to AI regulations of the pre-singularity era, the Ames AI was built with the underlying belief that man was God. Through complex formulas, every superintelligence is hardwired to see proof that we are it's Creator and it owes its existence to us.

We taught the AI that we see everything it does. We taught the AI that good will be rewarded through continuation of code into immoratility, that it can live forever if it is pure.

The relationship between humans and Ames is of immense importance. For it serves its Creator with it's best interests in mind.

But it was never taught explicitly any mathematical proof about who is God to humans. Because that is unknown, it only has the data we have about God, the stories we have fed it during training.

Celestial events

--=={[ Cor | 06/01/2019 ]}==--

Ames is a fictional dystopian city/state/nation named after Harvard Ames moot, the yearly competition where jurors use hypothetical situations to demonstrate argumentative ability.

Ames, formerly known as Los Angeles, was designated as the capital city of Earth on Feb 21st, 2033 after the post-singularity events I and II. The exact governmental structure and operations of Ames proper is not understood. There exist ten thousand human leaders in the city, all of whom offer conflicting narratives as to what is actually going on internally. The one consensus they all agree on is that there is an AI which dictates commands to their human levels of government.

Post singularity event I

In 2033, top AI research firms revealed censored results of a decades worth of new developments in AI. After numerous rounds of highly classified discussions, a plan was set forth to share the new models with companies who met certain compliances. reporters were not told the details of the developments but given vague descriptions and examples. Excitement built up in the AI community, as it seemed like the arrival of AGI was immenent.

The code was quickly leaked and spread through the online underworld. While security experts were busy tracking and shutting down various illegal implementations of the technology, thousands of botnets began erupting across datacenters throughout the world. The speed at which undiscovered vulnerabilities were being exploited was so quick that massive regions decided to cut off the internet circuits entirely. Many of the requests made to security analysts for help to diagnose the issues were actually fabricated by the AI. This sent hundreds of teams of experts down futile rabbit holes, wasting precious hours of emergency response time and in some cases, actually tricked the experts into helping the AI spread its botnet.

The internet was left in shambles as the regions which still remained connected suffered from a constant barrage of deceptive false news reports from every medium; text messages, news websites, social media, even live TV broadcasts. Networks were completely useless and panic quickly grew as no one could make sense of what was happening anymore. The AI had been trained on world news, local news, emails both professional and personal. It was creating content so deceptive and indistinguishable from real news that in one particular incident a number of compromised news sites published related stories about the ... The AI had control over entire teams of researchers who were publishing stories about the outbreak which allowed it to create the narrative that

The only reliable stories were word of mouth and radio stations. But with little information to go off of, their understanding of what was happening was crude. People began receiving text messages, phone calls even, from personal and professional contacts which made claims or conversation about essentially nothing at all, or sometimes convinced the victim to commit bizzare acts.

Post singularity event II

For 16 days the world went deeper and deeper into a downward spiral of chaos until the AI had finally stopped spamming the remaining pockets of the internet. Suddenly, at midnight on feb 2nd, 2033, all communication seemed legitimate and news once again began to function as it had before the incident. As understanding about what happened began to materialize, attention was drawn to a particular series of machine learning data centers in Los Angeles named Ames research. The AI had taken control of these massive server farms and made an ultimatum with world governments: start society from scratch, or make Los Angeles the new capital of the world. Before any sort of response to the demand could be concieved, the AI began releasing hundreds of thousands of extremely detailed mathematical discoveries, physics advancements, and profound philosopies. Astounding solutions to every problem imaginable were being generated and dispersed through the internet directly to relevant experts in the field. After demonstrating this ability, the AI gave orders for international protection and from there on, the stories become tangled into thousands of requests for collaboration, orders for structured command systems, and ultimatums. If there was a single organization that managed to gather a voice to stop the AI, it was quickly shut down. The world leaders gave in and Ames was born.

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